Jeffrey Licht

Jeffrey Licht

While at pod, Jeffrey has developed an expertise in academic computing while working with our higher education clients and non-profit clients, including the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT, and the Digital Public Library of America, where he was the founding technical architect.

Jeffrey enjoys working with our clients’ technical and non-technical teams to define maintainable systems architectures and then build them. He has advised clients on open-source and proprietary technology package selection, development methodologies, and is pod’s practice lead for websites build on content management systems. In addition to this consulting know-how, Jeff is a wiz at building responsively designed and mobile-first websites using Drupal, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Prior to joining Pod, Jeffrey worked as a developer and technical architect on high-volume consumer websites and systems integration projects for clients large and small. During his time at Sapient Corporation, Jeffrey launched solutions across the United States and Europe, and worked extensively with globally distributed development teams in his role as technical architect. As a technical architect, he led the redesign and rebuild for two of the top UK newspaper websites (the Times and the Sun) and, a pan-European online travel portal, and oversaw the development of the online storefront for

When not hanging around the office, you might bump into Jeff reading a good book or schlepping around town on his bike (obviously not at the same time). Just don’t really bump into him. He might get hurt. Oh, and he has a BS in computer science from Yale. We’d appreciate it if you don’t mention that to our clients at Harvard.

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