Christine Mark

Christine Mark

Christine is an entrepreneur and web consultant with 20+ years’ experience. She has been involved with several start-ups and is Co-founder of Gravity Switch (founded 1996, sold 2016). While she often fills the role of Account Manager and Project Manager on Pod projects, she brings a much broader and deeper expertise to her clients. This includes messaging, story, branding, creative, UI/UX, and design. Her other “superpowers” include Leadership, Team Management, Consulting/Coaching, Relationships & Project Management, Diplomacy & Crisis Handling and general Problem Solving.

Christine is passionate about ikigai, Japanese for “reason for being” — the intersection of being awesome, doing what you love, bringing good to the world, and making money at it so that your good work is sustainable. She’s drawn to and inspired by people who GET this, consciously or subconsciously.

“I love working with intensity and purpose — moving swiftly, but not recklessly. You won’t find me on a project going at a ‘drag-your-feet pace.’ That also makes me very good at mobilizing projects that are stuck.”

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